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For absent friends


Lyrics: Gareth Hogan

Days and nights we used to be
So close, as far as I could see
I threw away the life inside
Just to have someone to stand beside
No longer priority
It fell away so easily
To think, if you only knew
How long I've been living in the shadow of you

All I ever wanted was to love, not to pretend
I would have done anything
All of our lives, working towards the end
How did it come to this?
I can't compete with manipulation
I can't concede to this celebration
I can only bite my tongue for so long
No longer priority
You gave up so easily
It's your choice, but I hope you knew
That I never gave up on you

Days and nights we've always been
Like strangers not knowing where to begin
Swimming through another day
Learning to live so many miles away
And so we live, either side of a bridge
I wonder what happened to you
When I slowed to a halt and you flew right by

All I ever wanted, was for you to make amends
I would have waited forever
All of our lives, working towards the ends
How did it come to this?
For your empathy I'll always pray
So you can see all the things that you threw away
'Cause I'd call but you wouldn't hear me
Yeah I'd build a bridge but I can't bring you near me

Days and nights we'll always be
Far apart and living free
Coming together now and then
But not really knowing where to start again
I can only hope, for you
To feel the emptiness, to see the signs
I'll be waiting, this side of the bridge
I'll watch you leave this life behind


from Ready to Fail, released June 18, 2010
Lyrics: Hogan
Music: Hogan, Irish



all rights reserved


Quandary Brisbane, Australia

Quandary was a band that existed from 2006-2011, consisting of guitarist Sam Vallen, drummer Geoff Irish, keyboardist Gareth Hogan, and bassist Dave Couper. Quandary saw active gigging bands with no recorded works, and decided to do the opposite, releasing an album before a single performance. A song approaching 30 minutes was in progress, but never completed - Quandary dissolved in October 2011. ... more

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